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Hello Mr Widera,

Enclosed is a short user report on the treatment of a 54-year-old female patient, utilizing the FragRemover:

A BT1 ISO 10/06 of FKG fractured in the mesiobuccal canal during the initial preparation of tooth 36. The fragment was 17mm deep in the canal. After lots of time spent exposing the fragment, I couldn’t get it out, even though it was quite loose in the canal. The problem was that the curvature in the mesio-distal and vestibule-oral directions prevented the extraction of the fragment. A total of 5 hours was spent trying to free the fragment. After a very friendly and uncomplicated interaction with the FragRemover team I was introduced to the prototype of the FragRemover. I was able to remove the fracture within two minutes after opening the access cavity. The handling of the FragRemover is as simple as it is functional. Bend the cannula, place the loop around the fragment, reduce the sling, and finally pull out the fragment. I practiced using the FragRemover before the treatment and was amazed at how tightly one can pull the loop before it tears. Voicing both my personal opinion and that of my practice: The FragRemover is a “must-have” Thanks again for letting me borrow the prototype FragRemover!

I have also attached a few pictures. Lastly, I wish you the best of luck and hope that the crowdfunding works.

I will order it in the forthcoming future

Kind Regards,

Martin Zimmermann

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